Acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) Treatment in Hyderabad


Acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) is a rare but serious condition that affects the spinal cord. This can lead to sudden weakness in your arms or legs, loss of muscle tone, and loss of reflexes. The condition mainly affects young children.

Most children have mild respiratory illness or fever caused by a viral infection about one to four weeks before they develop symptoms of acute flaccid myelitis.

If you or your child develop symptoms of acute flaccid myelitis, see a doctor right away. Symptoms can progress quickly. Hospitalization is required and sometimes a ventilator is required to provide airway support.

Since experts began tracking acute flaccid myelitis after the initial clusters in 2014, outbreaks have occurred in the US in 2016 and 2018. Another outbreak is expected in 2020. Outbreaks usually occur between August and November. Acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) Treatment in Khammam


The most common signs and symptoms of acute flaccid myelitis are:

The reasons

Acute flaccid myelitis can be caused by infection with a type of virus called enterovirus. Respiratory illnesses and enterovirus fever are common – especially in children. Most people recover. It is not known why some people with enterovirus infection develop acute flaccid myelitis.

Many viruses, including enteroviruses, circulate in the United States between August and November. This is the case when outbreaks of acute flaccid myelitis occur.

Symptoms of acute flaccid myelitis can be similar to polio, a viral disease. But none of the cases of acute flaccid myelitis in the United States was caused by the poliovirus. Acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) Treatment in Khammam

Risk factors

Acute flaccid myelitis mainly affects young children.


There is no specific way to prevent acute flaccid myelitis. However, preventing viral infection can help reduce the risk of acute flaccid myelitis.

To protect yourself or your child from a virus infection or spreading it, do the following:

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