Age spots (liver spots) Treatment Hyderabad


Age spots on shoulder and back
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Age spots are small, flat, dark areas on the skin. They vary in size and usually appear in sun-exposed areas such as the face, hands, shoulders, and arms. Age spots are also known as sunspots, liver spots, and sun lentigins.Age spots (liver spots) Treatment warangal


Age spots on the hand
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Age spots can affect people of all skin types, but they are more common in adults with fair skin. Unlike freckles, which are common in children and fade without exposure to sunlight, age spots do not fade.

The reasons

Age spots are caused by overactive pigment cells. Ultraviolet (UV) light speeds up the production of melanin, a natural pigment that gives skin its color. Age spots appear on skin that has been exposed to the sun for years when melanin clumps or is produced in high concentrations.Age spots (liver spots) Treatment warangal

Risk factors

You are more likely to develop age spots if you:

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