Airplane ear Treatment Hyderabad


Airplane ear (ear barotrauma) is the strain on your eardrum that occurs when the air pressure in your middle ear and the air pressure around it are out of balance. You could get an airplane ear while sitting on an airplane that lands up or down after takeoff.


Airplane ear can appear in one or both ears. Common signs and symptoms are:

The reasons

Airplane ear
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Airplane ear occurs when the air pressure in the middle ear and the air pressure around it do not match, which prevents your eardrum (eardrum) from vibrating normally. A narrow passage called the Eustachian tube that connects to the middle ear regulates air pressure.Airplane ear Treatment Nizamabad

Risk factors

Any condition that blocks the Eustachian tube or limits its function can increase the risk of an airplane ear. Common risk factors are:
Airplane ear Treatment Nizamabad


Valsalva maneuver
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Follow these tips to avoid airplane ears:

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