Did you even want to get rid of that bump on the bridge of your nose? Ever wanted to have a defined bridge or even a better shaped point? If you really want to change the look of your liquor, rhinoplasty may be the ideal procedure for plastic surgery.

Rhinoplasty is essentially a plastic surgery designed to reshape and position the nose. It is a very safe and very popular procedure that can create lasting satisfaction and self-confidence. You may be a good candidate for this surgery if you want to adjust the size or shape of your nose, for example: For example, reshape the tip, increase the height of the bridge, and reduce the size proportionally to your face. You may not be an ideal candidate for rhinoplasty if you have unrealistic expectations about the limitations and results of this procedure. Surgeons can only work with what they have, they can not do anything out of nothing.

To prepare for this type of plastic surgery, you must discuss your medical history with your surgeon and undergo a physical examination to determine your general health. Your surgeon also takes a series of photos of your nose from different perspectives to determine exactly what you want to change, and has “before” snapshots that can be compared to “after” snapshots.

The procedure is performed depending on the extent of the procedure in local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Mostly it is done on an outpatient basis, which means that there is no hospital stay overnight. Once the anesthesia has begun, the plastic surgeon will make incisions in the nostrils. He will try to shave or rebuild the bone and reshape the cartilage at its end as desired. The whole process can take up to three hours, but the simplest operations on the plastic nose can be done in just one hour.

Once the rhinoplasty is completed, bruising and swelling will occur. You are asked to rest your head above the level of your chest to reduce bleeding and swelling. Your nose will be filled with gauze at the end of the operation to aid in the healing of the new shape. Gauze is usually removed one to seven days after a plastic surgery. You will also have a nose splint to protect your nose from injury in the first week or so.

You may be able to return to work after the first week, although your nose may still be swollen and very sensitive. After a nose job you will have to do without intense exercise for a few weeks. You should not wear sunglasses or sunglasses for a month after the operation.

Although swelling and bruising may decrease significantly in the first few weeks or months after surgery, the end result of your rhinoplasty may not be seen until a full year later. The satisfaction with the nose operation is very high, which makes it one of the most popular cosmetic surgery.

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