Anorgasmia in women  Treatment Hyderabad


Anorgasmia is the medical name for periodic difficulty reaching orgasm after strong sexual stimulation. Lack of orgasms is disturbing or affecting your relationship with your partner.Anorgasmia in women Treatment warangal


Lifelong anorgasmia. You have never had an orgasm.
Acquired anorgasmia. You used to have orgasms, but now you are struggling to climax.
Situational anorgasmia. You can only orgasm under certain circumstances, such as: B. during oral sex or masturbating or only with a certain partner.
Generalized anorgasmia. You cannot orgasm in any situation or with a partner.Anorgasmia in women Treatment warangal

The reasons

Orgasm is a complex reaction to various physical, emotional, and psychological factors. Difficulty in any of these areas can affect your ability to orgasm.

Physical causes
A variety of diseases, physical changes, and medications can affect orgasm:

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