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Anthrax is a rare but serious disease caused by a spore-forming bacterium, Bacillus anthracis. Anthrax mainly affects livestock and game. Humans can be infected through direct or indirect contact with sick animals.Anthrax Treatment Nizamabad


There are four common ways to get an anthrax infection, each with different signs and symptoms. In most cases, symptoms develop within six days of exposure to the bacteria. However, it may take more than six weeks for symptoms of inhaled anthrax to appear.Anthrax Treatment Nizamabad

The reasons

Anthrax spores are made by anthrax bacteria that occur naturally in the soil in most parts of the world. The spores can rest for years before they find their way into a host. Common anthrax hosts are wild or farm animals such as sheep, cattle, horses, and goats.

Risk factors

To get anthrax, you need to come into direct contact with anthrax spores. This is more likely if you:
Anthrax Treatment Nizamabad


To prevent infection after exposure to anthrax spores, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend:Anthrax Treatment Nizamabad

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