Atrioventricular canal defect Treatment Hyderabad


An atrioventricular channel defect is a combination of heart problems that lead to a defect in the center of the heart. The condition occurs when there is a hole between the chambers of the heart and there are problems with the valves that regulate blood flow in the heart.Atrioventricular canal defect Treatment Hyderabad


An atrioventricular canal abnormality can affect only the upper two chambers of the heart (partially) or all four chambers (completely). In both types, extra blood circulates in the lungs.

Complete atrioventricular channel abnormality
Signs and symptoms usually develop in the first few weeks of life. These signs and symptoms are generally similar to those associated with heart failure and can include:

The reasons

Chambers and heart valves
Ventricles and Valves Open Popup Dialog An atrioventricular channel abnormality is shown
Atrioventricular Channel Anomaly Open popup dialog
An atrioventricular channel defect occurs before birth, when a baby’s heart is developing. Certain factors, such as Down syndrome, can increase the risk of atrioventricular channel abnormalities. However, the cause is generally unknown.

Risk factors

Factors that can increase a baby’s risk of developing an atrioventricular channel defect before birth include:


An atrioventricular channel defect usually cannot be avoided.

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