Back pain Treatment Hyderabad

Back pain Treatment Hyderabad


Back pain is one of the most common reasons people see a doctor or take time off, and it is a leading cause of disability worldwide.

  • Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent or relieve most back pain episodes. When prevention fails, simple home treatments and proper body mechanics will often heal your back and keep it functional within weeks. Surgery is rarely required to treat back pain.


Back pain can range from muscle pain to a feeling of shooting, burning, or stinging. In addition, the pain may radiate down your leg or be felt while bending, twisting, lifting, standing, or walking.Back pain Treatment Hyderabad

The reasons

  • Lower back pain from degeneration and injury to the spine.
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    Back pain often occurs without a cause your doctor can identify with a test or imaging study. Conditions commonly associated with back pain include:
  • Muscle or ligament tension. Repeated heavy lifting or sudden uncomfortable movements can strain the back muscles and ligaments in the spine. When you are in poor physical condition, constant stress on your back can cause painful muscle spasms.
    Bulging or broken panes. The intervertebral discs act as a cushion between the bones (vertebrae) in your spine. The soft material in an intervertebral disc can swell or tear and press on a nerve. However, you can have a bulging or ruptured disc without back pain. Disc disease often happens accidentally when you have x-rays of the spine for some other reason.

Risk factors

Anyone can develop back pain, including children and adolescents. These factors can increase your risk of back pain:

  • Age. Back pain is more common as you get older, starting in your thirties or forties.
  • Sedentary lifestyle. Weak, unused muscles in the back and abdomen can lead to back pain.
  • Obesity. Being overweight puts additional strain on your back.
  • Diseases. Certain types of arthritis and cancer can cause back pain.
  • Incorrect lifting. Using your back in place of your legs can cause back pain.
  • Mental states. People who are prone to depression and anxiety seem to be at higher risk for back pain.
  • Smoke. Smokers have an increased rate of back pain. This can happen because smoking causes more coughing, which can lead to a herniated disc. Smoking can also decrease blood flow to the spine and increase the risk of osteoporosis.Back pain Treatment Hyderabad


You can prevent back pain or back pain recurrence by improving your fitness, learning, and practicing proper body mechanics.

To keep your back healthy and strong:

  • Exercise. Regular, low-impact aerobic activity – those that don’t tire or shake your back – can increase your back strength and endurance, and allow your muscles to function better. Walking and swimming are good choices. Talk to your doctor about activities that you might try.
  • Build muscle strength and flexibility. Abs and back exercises that strengthen your core help condition these muscles to work together like a natural corset for your back.
  • Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight puts a strain on your back muscles. If you are overweight, you can avoid back pain.
  • Stop smoking. Smoking increases the risk of back pain. The risk increases with the number of cigarettes smoked per day. Quitting smoking should therefore help reduce this risk.Back pain Treatment Hyderabad

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