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A bed bug
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Bed bugs are small, red-brown parasitic insects that bite the exposed skin of sleeping humans and animals in order to feed on their blood. While bed bugs are not known to spread disease, they can cause other public health and economic problems.


Bed bug bites
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It can be difficult to tell the difference between bug bites and other insect bites or rashes. In general, bed bug bite sites are usually:Bedbugs Treatment Hyderabad

The reasons

Bedbug infestations can be linked to:

Increase in international travel
Changes in Pest Control
Insecticide resistance

Risk factors

Bed bugs are more common in crowded, high-occupancy homes, e.g.


Prevent bites
Since bed bugs don’t tend to burrow under clothing, you can avoid bites by wearing pajamas that cover as much skin as possible.
Insect repellent. Insect repellants to protect against mosquitoes or ticks are not very effective against bed bugs.
Mosquito net. Nets impregnated with the pesticide permethrin can help protect sleepers from bed bug bites. However, this practice can help bedbugs develop resistance to this pesticide.Bedbugs Treatment Hyderabad

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