Behcet’s disease Treatment Hyderabad

Behcet's disease Treatment Hyderabad


Behcet’s disease (beh-CHETS), also called Behcet’s syndrome, is a rare disease that causes inflammation of blood vessels throughout the body.

  • The disease can cause many signs and symptoms that, at first glance, are unrelated. They can include sores in the mouth, sores of the eyes, rashes and sores on the skin, and sores in the genital area.
  • Treatment includes medication to reduce the signs and symptoms of Behcet’s disease and prevent serious complications such as blindness.Behcet’s disease Treatment Hyderabad


Symptoms of Behcet’s disease vary from person to person and can come and go or get worse over time. The signs and symptoms will vary depending on the parts of the body affected.

Public areas affected by Behcet’s disease include:

  • Mouth. Painful sores in the mouth that look like cancerous sores are the most common sign of Behcet’s disease. They start with raised round lesions in the mouth that quickly develop into painful ulcers. The wounds usually heal within one to three weeks, although they will recur.
  • Skin. Some people develop acne sores on their bodies. Others develop red, raised, tender nodules on their skin, especially on their lower legs.
  • Genitals. Red, open sores can appear on the scrotum or vulva. The wounds are usually painful and can leave scars.
  • The eyes. Inflammation of the eye (uveitis) causes redness, pain, and blurred vision, usually in both eyes. In people with Behcet’s disease, the disease can come and go.

The reasons

Behcet’s disease could be an autoimmune disease, which means that the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks some of its own healthy cells. Genetic and environmental factors are likely to play a role.

  • The signs and symptoms of Behcet’s disease are thought to be due to inflammation of the blood vessels (vasculitis). The condition can affect arteries and veins of all sizes and damage them throughout the body.
  • Several genes are linked to the disease. Some researchers believe that a virus or bacteria can cause Behcet’s disease in people who have certain genes that make them susceptible to Behcet’s disease.Behcet’s disease Treatment Hyderabad

Risk factors

Some of the factors that can increase your risk of Behcet include:

  • Age. Behcet’s disease typically affects men and women in their twenties and thirties, although children and older adults can develop the disease as well.
  • Where you live. People from Middle Eastern and East Asian countries, including Turkey, Iran, Japan, and China, are more likely to develop Behcet.
  • Sex. While Behcet’s disease affects both men and women, the disease is usually more serious in men.
  • The genes. The presence of certain genes is linked to a higher risk of developing Behcet.Behcet’s disease Treatment Hyderabad

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