Bladder exstrophy Treatment Hyderabad


Bladder exstrophy and surgical repair in a female infant
Bladder exstrophy and surgical repair in a male infant
Male Infant Bladder Exstrophy Open the context dialog
Bladder exstrophy (EK straw fee) is a rare birth defect in which the bladder grows outside the fetus. The exposed bladder cannot hold urine or function normally, causing urine to leak (incontinence).Bladder exstrophy Treatment Nizamabad


Bladder exstrophy is most common in the larger group of birth defects called the bladder exstrophy-epispadial complex (BEEC). If your child has BEEC, they will have one of the following options:

The reasons

Doctors aren’t sure why bladder exstrophy develops. Researchers believe a combination of genetic and environmental factors likely play a role.

Risk factors

Factors that increase your risk of bladder exstrophy include:

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