Bladder stones Treatment Hyderabad


Bladder stones are hard masses of minerals in your bladder. They occur when minerals crystallize in concentrated urine and form stones. This often happens when you’re having trouble emptying your bladder completely.


Sometimes bladder stones – even large ones – are not a problem. However, if a stone irritates the bladder wall or blocks the flow of urine, the following signs and symptoms may occur:

The reasons

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Bladder stones can develop if your bladder does not empty completely. This causes the urine to become concentrated urine and then crystallize and form stones.

Risk factors

Men, especially those over 50, are more likely to have bladder stones.

Conditions that can increase your risk of developing bladder stones include:


Bladder stones are usually caused by an underlying condition that is difficult to prevent. However, you can reduce your risk of bladder stones by following these tips:

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