Brain-Tumor Surgery cost Warangal

A brain tumour may be a collection, or mass, of abnormal cells in your brain. Your skull, which encloses your brain, is extremely rigid. Any growth inside such a restricted space can cause problems. Brain tumors are often cancerous (malignant) or noncancerous (benign).

Warangal Surgery – Treatment

Treatment options include surgery, radiotherapy , chemotherapy, targeted biological agents, or a mixture of those . Surgical resection (if safe) is usually the primary treatment recommendation to scale back pressure within the brain rapidly. This website focuses on radiotherapy for brain tumors.

Brain-Tumor Surgery Warangal – Symptoms

General signs and symptoms caused by brain tumors may include:
New onset or change in pattern of headaches.
Headaches that gently become more frequent and more severe.
Unexplained nausea or vomiting.
Vision problems, like blurred vision, diplopia or loss of sight .

Brain-Tumor Surgery – Causes

Risk factors include: Exposure to radiation. people that are exposed to a kind of radiation called radiation have an increased risk of brain tumour. samples of radiation include radiotherapy wont to treat cancer and radiation exposure caused by atomic bombs.

Brain-Tumor Treatment in Warangal

Clinics and Hospitals offering ‘Brain-Tumor Treatment’ :

Brain-Tumor Treatment by Continental Hospitals

Location: Plot No. 3, Road No. 2, IT & Financial Dist., Nanakramguda
Estimation: General Room – Craniotomy – 4 Bed Sharing Cost. 150000.00 (Approx)
Estimation: Semi Private Room – Craniotomy – 2 Bed Sharing Cost. 200000.00 (Approx)
Estimation: Private Room – Craniotomy – Single Bed Cost. 250000.00 (Approx)
Estimation: Deluxe – Craniotomy – Single Bed Cost. 300000.00 (Approx)

Brain-Tumor Treatment by Yashoda Hospitals (Malakpet)

Location: Nalgonda X Roads
Estimation: General Room – Craniotomy – 6 Bed Sharing Cost. 100000.00
Estimation: Semi Private Room – Craniotomy – 3 Bed Sharing Cost. 130000.00
Estimation: Private Room – Craniotomy – 2 Bed Sharing Cost. 160000.00
Estimation: Deluxe – Craniotomy – Single Bed Cost. 200000.00

Brain-Tumor Treatment by KIMS Hospitals (Kondapur)

Location: 1-112 / 86, Survey No 5 / EE, Kondapur Village, Serilingampally Mandal
Estimation: Semi Private Room – Craniotomy – 3 Bed Sharing Cost. 150000.00
Estimation: Private Room – Craniotomy – 2 Bed Sharing Cost. 180000.00
Estimation: Deluxe – Craniotomy – Single Bed Cost. 200000.00
Estimation: Super Deluxe With AC – Craniotomy – Single Bed Cost. 250000.00
Estimation: Suite Room – Craniotomy – Single Bed Cost. 300000.00

Brain-Tumor Treatment by Kamineni Hospital- L B Nagar

Location: L B Nagar
Estimation: General Room – Craniotomy – 4 Bed Sharing Cost. 120000.00
Estimation: Semi Private Room – Craniotomy – 3 Bed Sharing Cost. 150000.00
Estimation: Private Room – Craniotomy – 2 Bed Sharing Cost. 180000.00
Estimation: Deluxe – Craniotomy – Single Bed Cost. 210000.00
Estimation: Super Deluxe With AC – Craniotomy – Single Bed Cost. 250000.00

Brain-Tumor Treatment by Star Hospitals

Location: 8-2-596 / 5, Road No. 10, Opposite Karvy Center, Beside Rainbow Hospital
Estimation: General Room – Craniotomy – 4 Bed Sharing Cost. 100000.00
Estimation: Semi Private Room – Craniotomy – 3 Bed Sharing Cost. 130000.00
Estimation: Private Room – Craniotomy – 2 Bed Sharing Cost. 150000.00
Estimation: Deluxe – Craniotomy – Single Bed Cost. 200000.00

Brain-Tumor FAQs
Facts You Should Know About Brain Tumor Surgery

Brain tumor is a life-threatening condition that occurs when there is excessive growth of abnormal cells in the brain. Usually the old & damaged cells die and new cells take their place in your body. But when there is some problem in body functioning, then new cells keeping growing along with old cells resulting in the formation of tumor. Same thing happens in brain tumor and it is a very deadly condition because brain tumor has the tendency to exert a lot of pressure in the affected area and thereby cause damage to it.

There are numerous types of brain tumors that occur, you can say, more than 120 types and each one is named according to the cells that are affected in the brain. You would be surprised to know that brain tumor in children is quite different from adults. They experience different symptoms and hence the treatment given to them is also different as compared to adults. Children usually have better survival chances than adults.

Brain tumor surgery is usually the first choice of surgeons when they go for treatment options. Surgery helps in removing the maximum portion of tumor in brain and cancer specialists feel that it is the best option. In many cases, with the help of surgery, the pressure that is exerted on the skull due to tumor is reduced and it helps in restoring the lost neurological function. Seizures can also be controlled to quite an extent with surgical approach.At times, the surgeons take a sample of the tumor with surgery in order to make the correct diagnosis of the cancer and the extent to which it is spread in the brain or whole body. Other treatment options like radiotherapy, chemotherapy genetic treatments etc. become easier.

Famous brain tumor surgery can be classified into many types and it may include:

What Are The Symptoms of Brain Tumor?

The symptoms of a brain tumor in the adults can be general or specific. One of the most common or general symptoms caused as a result of the pressure made by the tumor on the brain or spinal cord of a person. Some symptoms are caused because of improper functioning of a particular part of the brain due to tumor.

People with a brain tumor may experience raised intracranial pressure (ICP) which is the build-up of pressure inside the skull. The build-up can be fast or slow. Sometimes it is referred to as intracranial hypertension. This can lead to the follow symptoms:

These are caused because of throbbing, severe, worse in the morning as a patient may wake with one and aggravated by straining or coughing.

Seizures are basically the ‘fits’ which one of the common symptoms of a brain tumor. They can can be severe or more subtle and they are one of the main symptoms that induces them to visit a doctor.

Changes in vision
A patient suffering from brain tumor might also experience a change in their vision as it gets blurred that makes it difficult to read and watch TV.

It is one of the most disturbing symptoms as nauseating, as with headaches, can get worse in the morning or if a patient suddenly changes their position. For instance, they move from sitting or lying to standing. They may actually feel sick or just have hiccups.

Such symptomsare usually caused at a later stage of brain tumor. As the tumor grows and the pressure increases, the patient may sleep more than their normal routine or find themselves falling asleep at any time of the day.

Impairment of normal brain function
The presence of a tumor damages the healthy brain tissues that disrupt the normal functioning of that area.

It is important to remember the above mentioned symptoms can be caused by other medical conditions. So if you are experiencing these symptoms, it does not necessarily mean you have a brain tumor therefore it is important to refer a doctor immediately. The best hospitals of Neuro in Darbhanga boasts best neurologists of Bihar who offer effective treatment based upon the stage of the tumor. If you are concerned about any changes you experience, please talk with your doctor. Your doctor will ask how long and how often you’ve been experiencing the symptom(s), in addition to other questions. This is to help find out the cause of the problem.

Must Know About The Types of Brain Tumors

Brain tumors are normally classified into two groups; benign and malignant brain tumors. Benign brain tumors are referred to as ‘non cancerous tumors’. These tumors are not that aggressive and do not have as harsh effects like a malignant brain tumor, as they grow slowly and do not spread to other parts of the body. On the other hand, malignant brain tumors are much more violent when compared to benign brain tumors. They contain cancerous cells and do not clear borders which make them difficult to operate upon. Unlike benign tumors, they tend to grow rapidly to the others part of the body.

The doctors describe brain cancer as primary and/or secondary (metastatic cancer). These categories are based on the place of development of the cancer. Primary cancer is when the tumor develops into the brain itself and secondary (or metastatic) cancer is when the cancer develops somewhere else in the body and spread to the brain through blood.

Brain tumors can take a devastating turn is not treated urgently. Some of the common symptoms include persistent headaches, nausea, vomiting, vision problems, issues, short-term memory loss, problems in speech and/or coordination problems. As soon as the person deems something irregular and any of the symptoms mentioned above, he or she must consult a doctor.

The diagnosis process of detecting a brain tumor has a few steps that a patient needs to go through before he or she is prescribed any medication or treatment. The diagnosis starts with a check up of the nervous system where the patient is asked to perform simple activities in order to diagnose his or her different senses like vision, memory, nerve strength, reflexes, hearing, limb strength etc. To deeply diagnose the problem, the patient is asked to get an MRI, a CT scan and an EEG (to record brain activity). Once the doctors confirm the problem only then any further steps are taken.

Brain is an extremely complex and sensitive organ. One little mistake can affect it greatly, so the treatments performed to treat the tumor are performed very delicately as to not harm it any possible way. There are a few different treatments available for the treatment of brain tumor but it is affected by various factors like age, health, medical history, type of tumor, location and size of the tumor, likelihood of it spreading and/or the effectiveness of a certain treatment.

Keeping these conditions in mind, the doctors select the best treatment from the following:

Surgery to remove the tumor
Steroids to avoid build-up
Radiotherapy to destroy or stop its growth
We have some of the best brain tumor hospitals in India, equipped with advanced machines that are proven to provide amazing diagnosis and treatments. This is the reason, large number of medical tourists visit India every year. Moreover, we house some of the best brain tumor specialists in India who are well experienced and specialize in their field. They, with their team of technicians and nurses, give the optimum treatment to all their patients.


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