Brain tumor Treatment in Hyderabad



The signs and symptoms of a brain tumor vary widely and depend on the size, location, and rate of growth of the brain tumor.

General signs and symptoms of brain tumors can include:

The reasons
Brain tumors that start in the brain
Acoustic neuroma
Acoustic Neuroma (Schwannoma) Open popup dialog
Primary brain tumors arise in the brain itself or in nearby tissues, such as B. the membranes that cover the brain (meninges), the cranial nerves, the pituitary gland or the pineal gland.

Primary brain tumors start when normal cells acquire defects (mutations) in their DNA. These mutations allow cells to grow and divide faster and continue to live when healthy cells die. The result is a mass of abnormal cells that form a tumor.

Risk factors

In most people with primary brain tumors, the cause of the tumor is not clear. However, doctors have identified certain factors that can increase your risk of developing a brain tumor.

Risk factors are:

Radiation exposure. People who have been exposed to a type of radiation called ionizing radiation are at increased risk of developing brain tumors. Examples of ionizing radiation include radiation therapy to treat cancer and exposure to radiation from atomic bombs.
Family history of brain tumors. A small fraction of brain tumors occur in people with a family history of brain tumors or a family history of genetic syndromes that increase the risk of brain tumors. Brain tumor Treatment in Nizamabad

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