Breast Lump surgery in Adoni

What is a Breast Lump?

A breast lump in Adoni is an overgrowth of tissue that develops in your breast. Finding a lump in your breast can be scary and anxiety-inducing. Most breast lumps are not dangerous, but it is important to see your doctor to have them checked out immediately.

Symptoms of Breast Lump

Fiberoadenoma surgery in Adoni Fiberoadenoma surgery in Adoni


Symptoms – Breast Lump surgery in Adoni

Breast tissue can usually feel lumpy or stringy, and you may have sensitivity that comes and goes with your menstrual period.

If you have an underlying breast condition, you may notice changes in how your breasts normally feel, such as:

Types of Breast Lump

Fiberoadenoma surgery in Adoni

Breast lumps can develop for many reasons, both cancerous and noncancerous. Symptoms can vary depending on the cause of the lump.

Non-cancerous masses

The size, feel, and texture of breast lumps can vary widely. Consistency can help a doctor diagnose what type of mass it is. Breast Lump surgery in Adoni

Cysts in the breast

A breast cyst is a sac filled with benign or noncancerous fluid in the breast. They usually affect women between the ages of 30 and 50 and are rare after menopause.

This may not cause any symptoms, or a person may notice:

The cause of breast cysts is unclear, but they can develop in response to hormones related to menstruation. Breast Lump surgery in Adoni

Cysts can be simple or complex. In either case, a doctor may suggest removing it through aspiration, a type of surgery.

Very rarely, a solid cyst that comes back after aspiration is associated with underlying breast cancer.

Causes of Breast Lump:
Fiberoadenoma Fiberoadenoma surgery in Adoni surgery in Adoni
The female breast is made up of different types of tissue. The two main types are the mammary glands, which produce milk, and the milk ducts, or tubes, that carry the milk to the nipple.

The breast also contains fibrous connective tissue, adipose tissue, nerves, blood vessels, and lymph nodes.

The composition of breast tissue can vary depending on function. For example, breasts change during breastfeeding. You will feel different and look different. Breasts can also change during the monthly cycle.

Each part of the breast can respond differently to changes in body chemistry. These changes affect the feel and texture of the breast and affect the development of breast lumps.

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Cost of surgery

Evaluating your enlarged Breast condition Based on the evaluation the Chest lump Surgery Cost may vary between Starting Stage ✅ Rs 18,000/- + TO 85,000/- India Pay in ✅ EMI (Monthly) Option Available and ✅Insurance Limitations Apart from normal risks associated with cosmetic surgery during recovery you may witness .

Risk Factors Breast Lump surgery in Adoni

Fibroadenomas are commonest in women who are in age between 15 and 30 years old and in pregnant women.1 Fibroadenomas occur in 10% of all women and in 20% of African-American women specifically. Chest Lump surgery in Adoni

Once you hit menopause, your risk goes down unless you are using estrogen therapy.

A non-cancerous breast tumour that most often occurs in young women.

Reproductive hormones can cause Breast Lump.
  1. A fibroadenoma feels like a firm, smooth, or rubbery lump in the breast with a well-defined shape. It’s painless and moves easily when touched. Although healthy breast tissue can often feel lumpy, a doctor should examine a new lump or change in the breast. Breast Lump surgery in Adoni
  2. Treatment may include monitoring for changes in size or feeling, a biopsy for assessment, or surgery to remove it. Breast lump surgery in Adoni

Need a medical diagnosis

A fibroadenoma looks like a firm, smooth, or rubbery lump in the breast with a well-defined shape. It is painless and moves easily to the touch. Although healthy breast tissue is often lumpy, a doctor should look at a new lump or change in the breast.

Treatment depends on severity

Treatment may include monitoring for changes in size or sensation, a biopsy for evaluation, or surgery to remove it.

Overview Breast Lump surgery in Adoni

Non-cancerous breast lumps that are more common in women between the ages of 15 and 35.

A fibroadenoma can be firm, smooth, rubbery, or hard to the touch and has a well-defined shape. Usually painless, it looks like marble in your chest and moves slightly under your skin during the exam. Breast lump vary in size and can grow or shrink on their own.

Breast lump are one of the most common non-cancerous (benign) breast lumps in young women. Treatment may include monitoring to detect changes in size or feeling, a biopsy to assess the lump, or surgery to remove the lump.


Breast lump are firm breast lumps that:

When to see a doctor

In healthy women, normal breast tissue is often lumpy. Make an appointment with your doctor if:


The cause of Breast Lump is unknown, but they may be related to reproductive hormones. Breast lump are more common during your childbearing years, can get bigger during pregnancy or with hormone treatment, and may decrease after menopause if hormone levels decline.

Types of breast lump

In addition to simple breast lump, there are: best Breast Lump surgery in Adoni

How do breast lump affect your risk for breast cancer?

Simple breast lump do not appear to increase the risk of breast cancer significantly, if at all. Complex breast lump appear to increase the risk slightly more than simple breast lump.

treatment breast lump surgery in Adoni

Many doctors recommend removing breast lump, especially if they continue to grow or change the shape of the breast, to make sure the cancer is not causing the changes.

Sometimes these tumors stop growing or shrinking on their own without treatment. As long as doctors are sure the masses are Breast Lump and not breast cancer, they can be left in place and monitored to make sure they are not growing. This approach is useful for women with many Breast lump that do not grow. In such cases, removing them can mean removing a lot of normal breast tissue nearby, which will lead to scarring that changes the shape and texture of the breast. It could also make future mammograms difficult to read.

Fibroadenoma Fact and Fiction

You wake up one morning and freak out–there’s a lump in your breast. You’ve read all of the stories and seen all of the news reports. The big C word comes to mind. You know that most women who get breast cancer are older than 40 and you are in your 30s. But your mind races to your friends’ faces, friends who have had mastectomies while they were younger than 40…and who had no family history of the disease.

Your insides feel squishy but your heart rate is soaring. You try to calm yourself as, with your hands shaking, you dial your OB-GYN. Breast lump surgery in Adoni “I found a lump,” you say. “I need to see you today.” And your doctor, who understands what you are going through, asks you to come in right away.

After seeing the doctor, you are sent for a sonogram or maybe a mammogram, or maybe even both. The lump is solid, but it moves when manipulated by the doctor’s fingers. She is certain it is not a cyst, since it is too solid and the attempt at needle aspiration didn’t work.

The core-needle biopsy comes next. You waver between negative thoughts and positive ones, on an emotional roller coaster. Your friends and family assure you everything will be fine. You wish you could be so certain. breast lump surgery in Adoni

But the call the next day is better than expected–no cancer. What you have is a fibroadenoma, a firm, non-cancerous tumor of the gland. You’ll have to go back to the doctor’s or breast center for repeated ultrasounds, about every six months, to check its status and so the doctors can keep track of its growth rate. The doctors seem to be taking a “wait and see approach”, which you aren’t sure is re-assuring; but you try to convince yourself, if they aren’t worried, you shouldn’t be either. 

Over the next few weeks, you search the Net to learn all you can. WebMD says it is smooth, round and painless. You disagree, especially around your period when the tumor downright hurts. Breast lump surgery in Adoni

  Breast Lump surgery in Adoni