Broken heart syndrome Treatment in Hyderabad



Symptoms of broken heart syndrome can mimic a heart attack. Common symptoms are:

It has been suggested that a temporary narrowing of the large or small heart arteries could play a role. People with a broken heart may also have a difference in the structure of the heart muscle.

Broken heart syndrome is often preceded by an intense physical or emotional event. Some possible triggers for broken heart syndrome include:

Risk factors

There are a number of known risk factors for broken heart syndrome, including:

Sex. The condition affects women much more often than men.
Age. It seems that most heartbroken people are over 50.
A story of a neurological disease. People with neurological conditions such as head trauma or seizure disorder (epilepsy) are at a higher risk of broken heart syndrome.
A previous or current psychiatric disorder. If you’ve had a condition like anxiety or depression, you’re probably at a higher risk for broken heart syndrome.


Broken heart syndrome sometimes recurs, although most people do not have a second event. Many doctors recommend long-term treatment with beta blockers or similar drugs that block the potentially harmful effects of stress hormones on the heart. Recognizing and managing the stress in your life can also help prevent broken heart syndrome, although there is currently no evidence for this. Broken heart syndrome Treatment in Khammam

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