Broken leg Treatment in Hyderabad


A broken leg (broken leg) is a break or tear in one of the bones in the leg. Common causes are falls, traffic accidents and sports injuries.

Treatment for a broken leg depends on the location and severity of the injury. A severely broken leg may require surgery to implant devices into the broken bone and maintain proper alignment while it heals. Other injuries can be treated with a cast or splint. In either case, prompt diagnosis and treatment of a broken leg is essential to a full recovery. Broken leg Treatment in Khammam


A broken thigh (femur) – the strongest bone in your body – is usually obvious as it takes a lot of force to break. But fractures in your tibia – the main supporting bone in your leg – and the bone that runs along your tibia below the knee (fibula) can be more subtle.

The signs and symptoms of a broken leg can include:

The reasons

There are several ways you can break your leg, including:

Risk factors

Stress fractures are often the result of repetitive stress on the leg bones from physical activity such as walking.


Complications from a broken leg can include:


A broken leg cannot always be avoided. However, these basic tips can lower your risk:

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