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Bronchioles and alveoli in the lungs
Bronchioles and alveoli in the lungs Open the popup dialog
Bronchiolitis is a common lung infection in young children and infants. It causes inflammation and congestion in the small airways (bronchioles) of the lungs. Bronchiolitis is almost always caused by a virus. Typically the peak of bronchiolitis is in the winter months.


For the first few days, the signs and symptoms of bronchiolitis are similar to those of a cold:

The reasons

Bronchiolitis occurs when a virus infects the bronchioles, which are the smallest airways in your lungs. The infection causes the bronchioles to swell and become inflamed. Mucus forms in these airways, making it difficult for air to move into and out of the lungs.

Risk factors

Bronchiolitis usually affects children under 2 years of age. Infants under 3 months of age are at greatest risk of developing bronchiolitis because their lungs and immune systems are not yet fully developed.Bronchiolitis Treatment Khammam

Other factors associated with an increased risk of bronchiolitis in infants and more severe cases include:


Limit contact with people who have a fever or cold. If your child is a newborn, especially a premature baby, avoid exposing them to people with colds, especially during the first two months of life.
Clean and disinfect surfaces. Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that are frequently touched by people, e.g. B. Toys and doorknobs. This is especially important when a family member is sick.
Cover up your coughs and sneezes. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue. Then throw away the tissue and wash your hands or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
Use your own drinking glass. Do not share your glasses with anyone, especially if a family member is sick.
Wash your hands often. Wash your and your child’s hands frequently. Have alcohol-based hand sanitizer handy for you and your child when you are away.Bronchiolitis Treatment Khammam

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