Brugada syndrome Treatment Hyderabad


Brugada syndrome (Brew-GAH-dah) is a rare but potentially fatal arrhythmia that is sometimes inherited.


Many people with Brugada syndrome don’t know they have it. Brugada syndrome often does not cause any noticeable symptoms.

Signs and symptoms that may be associated with Brugada syndrome include:

The reasons

Brugada syndrome is a heart rhythm disorder. Each heartbeat is triggered by an electrical pulse generated by special cells in the upper right chamber of your heart. Tiny pores, called channels, on each of these cells direct this electrical activity that makes your heart beat faster.

Brugada syndrome can be caused by:

Risk factors

Risk factors for Brugada syndrome include:


If a family member has Brugada syndrome, genetic testing may be done to see if you have the disease or are at risk.Brugada syndrome Treatment Khammam

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