Bundle branch block Treatment Hyderabad

Bundle branch block Treatment Hyderabad


Bundle Bundle Bundle
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Bundle Branch Block is a condition in which there is a delay or blockage in the way electrical pulses are transmitted to make your heart beat faster. Sometimes it is more difficult for your heart to pump blood around your body effectively.

  • The delay or blockage can occur in the way that electrical pulses are sent to either the left or right side of the lower chambers (ventricles) of your heart.
  • The bundle-to-bundle branch block may not need to be addressed. If so, treatment is to target the underlying medical condition, such as: Such as a heart disease that has caused bundle load blockage.Bundle branch block Treatment Hyderabad


For most people, bundle branch block does not cause symptoms. Some people with the disease do not know they have a bundle of branches.

  • In rare cases, signs and symptoms may include fainting (syncope) or fainting (presyncope).

The reasons

Usually, electrical impulses in the heart muscle cause it to beat (contract). These pulses travel along a path that includes two branches called the right and left rays. If either or both of these bundles of branches are damaged – by a heart attack, for example – the electrical impulses may be blocked and your heart will beat abnormally.

  • The cause of bundle branch blocks can be different depending on whether the left or right bundle branch is affected. Sometimes there is no known cause.Bundle branch block Treatment Hyderabad

Risk factors

Risk factors for bundle branch block include:

  • Increased age. Bundle branch block is more common in older people than younger people.
  • Basic health problems. High blood pressure or heart disease increase the risk of bundle load blockage.Bundle branch block Treatment Hyderabad

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