Cholera Treatment Hyderabad


Cholera is a bacterial disease that usually spreads through contaminated water. Cholera causes severe diarrhea and dehydration. If left untreated, cholera can be fatal within hours, even in previously healthy people.


Most people who are exposed to the cholera bacteria (Vibrio cholerae) do not get sick and do not know they have been infected. Since they shed the cholera bacteria in their stool for seven to 14 days, they can still infect other people through the contaminated water.

Symptoms of a cholera infection can include:

The reasons

Surface or well water. Contaminated public wells are a common cause of large-scale cholera epidemics. People who live in overcrowded conditions without adequate sanitation are particularly at risk.
Seafood: Eating raw or undercooked seafood, especially shellfish that comes from certain locations, can expose you to the cholera bacteria. The most recent cases of cholera in the United States have been attributed to seafood from the Gulf of Mexico.
Raw fruits and vegetables. Raw, unpeeled fruits and vegetables are a common source of cholera infection in areas with cholera. In developing countries, uncomposted manure fertilizers or irrigation water containing raw sewage can contaminate the produce in the field.
Grain. In areas where cholera is prevalent, grains such as rice and millet that are contaminated after cooking and stored for several hours at room temperature can develop the cholera bacteria.

Risk factors

Everyone is susceptible to cholera except infants, who benefit from the immunity of nursing mothers who have had cholera in the past. However, there are factors that can make you more susceptible to the disease or more likely to have serious signs and symptoms.

Risk factors for cholera are:


Cholera is rare in the United States, with the few cases associated with travel outside the United States. or contaminated and uncooked seafood from Gulf Coast waters.

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