Chronic daily headaches Treatment in Hyderabad


Most people have headaches at times. But if you have a headache for more days than you don’t, you can get chronic headaches every day.

Instead of one type of headache, chronic daily headaches encompass a variety of headache subtypes. Chronic refers to the frequency of headaches and the duration of the illness.

The constant nature of the daily chronic headache makes it one of the most debilitating headaches. Aggressive initial treatment and regular, long-term management can relieve pain and lead to fewer headaches. Chronic daily headaches Treatment in Khammam


By definition, chronic daily headaches occur for 15 or more days a month for more than three months. Real daily chronic (primary) headaches are not caused by any other medical condition. Chronic daily headaches Treatment in Khammam

There are chronic short-lived and long-lasting daily headaches. Prolonged headaches last more than four hours. They include:

The reasons

The causes of many chronic daily headaches are not well understood. Real chronic daily (primary) headaches have no identifiable cause.

Conditions that can cause chronic, non-primary daily headaches include:

Risk factors

Factors linked to developing more common headaches include:


Taking care of yourself can help relieve chronic daily headaches.

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