Chronic exertional compartment syndrome Treatment Hyderabad


Chronic stress compartment syndrome is an exercise-induced muscle and nerve disorder that causes pain, swelling, and sometimes disability in the affected muscles in the legs or arms. Anyone can develop the disease, but it is more common in young runners and adult athletes who participate in activities that have repetitive effects.


Your limbs have specific muscle areas (compartments). For example, your lower leg has four compartments. Chronic stress compartment syndrome often occurs in the same compartment of an affected limb on either side of the body, usually the lower leg.

Signs and symptoms can include:

The reasons

Chronic stress compartment syndrome
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The cause of chronic stress compartment syndrome is not fully understood. As you exercise, your muscles increase in volume. If you have chronic stress compartment syndrome, the tissue around the affected muscle (fascia) does not expand with the muscle, causing pressure and pain in a compartment of the affected limb.

Risk factors

Certain factors increase your risk of developing chronic exercise compartment syndrome, including:

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