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Hives (hives) are red, itchy spots that are the result of a skin reaction. The markings vary in size and appear and fade repeatedly as the reaction proceeds.

The condition is considered a chronic hive if the welts have persisted for more than six weeks and often recur over months or years. The cause of chronic urticaria is often unclear.

Chronic hives can be very uncomfortable and interfere with sleep and daily activities. Antihistamines and anti-itch drugs provide relief for many people.

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The signs and symptoms of chronic urticaria include:

Lots of red or skin-colored spots (papules) that can appear anywhere on the body
Pearls that vary in size, change shape, and repeatedly appear and fade as the reaction takes its course
Itching, which can be severe
Painful swelling (angioedema) of the lips, eyelids, and the inside of the throat
A tendency for signs and symptoms to flare up with triggers such as heat, exercise, and stress
A tendency for signs and symptoms to last for more than six weeks and occur frequently and unpredictably, sometimes for months or years

The reasons
The worlds that accompany beehives are created when certain cells release histamine and other chemicals into your bloodstream.

Often times, doctors cannot identify the reason for chronic hives or why acute hives sometimes become a long-term problem. The skin reaction can be triggered by:

Insects or parasites
Heat or cold
Alcohol or food
Pressure on the skin like a tight belt.

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