Churg-Strauss syndrome Treatment in Hyderabad



Other signs and symptoms could include:

The reasons

The cause of Churg-Strauss syndrome is largely unknown. A combination of genes and environmental factors, such as allergens or certain drugs, is likely to trigger an overactive immune system response. Instead of protecting itself from invading bacteria and viruses, the immune system targets healthy tissues and causes widespread inflammation. Churg-Strauss syndrome Treatment in Khammam

Risk factors

Possible risk factors for Churg-Strauss syndrome are:

Age. On average, people are diagnosed with Churg-Strauss syndrome between the ages of 30 and 50.
A history of asthma or nasal problems. Most people diagnosed with Churg-Strauss syndrome have had severe nasal allergies, chronic sinusitis, or asthma in the past. Churg-Strauss syndrome Treatment in Khammam

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