Cold urticaria treatment Hyderabad


Cold urticaria (ur-tih-KAR-e-uh) is a skin reaction to cold that occurs a few minutes after exposure to the cold. The affected skin develops reddish, itchy spots (hives).Cold urticaria treatment Hyderabad

People with cold urticaria have very different symptoms. Some have minor reactions to the cold while others have serious reactions. For some people with this condition, swimming in cold water can cause very low blood pressure, fainting, or shock.

Cold urticaria is most common in young adults. If you think you may have this condition, contact your doctor. Treatment usually includes preventive measures like taking antihistamines and avoiding cold air and cold water.


The signs and symptoms of cold urticaria can include:Cold urticaria treatment Hyderabad

Severe reactions can include:

The reasons

Risk factors

You are more likely to have this condition if:


The following tips can help prevent a recurring episode of cold urticaria:

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