Cough headaches Treatment in Hyderabad

Cough headaches Treatment in Hyderabad


Cough-related headaches are an unusual type of headache caused by coughing and other types of stress – such as sneezing, mosquitos, laughing, crying, singing, stooping, or having a bowel movement.

Doctors divide cough heads into two categories. Primary cough headaches are usually harmless, come on in small episodes, and eventually improve on their own. Secondary cough headaches, also called symptomatic cough headaches, are more serious because they can be caused by problems in the brain. Treatment for secondary cough headache may require surgery. Cough headaches Treatment in Hyderabad


  • Primary cough headache
  • Start suddenly and immediately after coughing or other stress
  • Usually takes a few seconds to a few minutes – some can take up to two hours
  • Causes sharp, stabbing, or splitting pain
  • Usually felt in the front of the head
  • Affects both sides of your head
  • May be followed by a dull, aching pain that lasts for hours

The reasons

  • Primary cough headache
  • The cause of primary cough headaches is unknown.
  • Secondary cough headache
  • Secondary cough heads can be caused by:
  • A defect in the shape of the skull.
  • A defect in the cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls balance. This can happen when part of the brain is pushed through the opening at the base of the skull (foramen magnum) where only the spinal cord is supposed to be. Cough headaches Treatment in Hyderabad
  • Some of these types of defects are known as Chiari malformations.

Risk factors

  • Primary cough headache
    Risk factors for primary cough headaches are:
  • Age. Primary cough headaches most commonly affect people over the age of 40.
    Sex. Men are more prone to primary cough headaches. Cough headaches Treatment in Hyderabad


Preventing the actions that trigger your coughing headaches – whether it’s coughing, sneezing, or using the toilet – can help reduce the number of headaches that occur.

Some preventive measures can include:

  • Treat lung infections like bronchitis
  • Avoid drugs that cause coughing as a side effect
  • Get the flu shot every year
  • Use stool softeners to avoid constipation
  • Minimize heavy lifting or bending for long periods of time

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