Cyclospora infection Treatment in Hyderabad


Cyclospora infection (cyclosporosis) causes watery and sometimes explosive diarrhea. The single-celled parasite that causes Cyclospora infection can enter your body when you ingest contaminated food or water. Fresh products are the cause of many cases of Cyclospora infections.

Because many factors can cause diarrhea, diagnosing Cyclospora infection can be difficult if a specific stool test is not done. Cyclospora infection is treated with antibiotics. Food safety precautions can help prevent disease. Cyclospora infection Treatment in Khammam


Some people infected with the microscopic parasite that causes Cyclospora infection do not develop signs or symptoms. For others, the signs and symptoms – which usually begin within two to eleven days of eating contaminated food or drinking contaminated water – may include:

The reasons

Risk factors

In the past, people who traveled to developing countries were more likely to have been infected with Cyclospora. Nowadays, the infection is spread all over the world and anyone who ingests contaminated food or water can catch it.


When traveling to developing countries, it is important to be careful about what you eat and drink. However, recent outbreaks of Cyclospora infections have been linked to foods imported or grown in the United States and Canada. Unfortunately, washing food thoroughly is not enough to get rid of the parasite that is causing the infection.

To keep track of foods that have been linked to recent outbreaks of Cyclospora infection, you can regularly check the food safety warning section on the Food and Drug Administration website. Cyclospora infection Treatment in Khammam

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