Dementia treatment hyderabad


Dementia describes a group of symptoms that affect memory, thinking, and social skills so badly that they interfere with your daily life. It is not a specific disease, but different diseases can cause dementia.


The symptoms of dementia vary depending on the cause. The most common signs and symptoms include:Dementia treatment hyderabad

The reasons

Dementia is caused by damage to or loss of nerve cells and their connections in the brain. Depending on the area of ​​the brain affected by the damage, dementia can affect people differently and cause different symptoms.

Risk factors

There are many factors that can potentially contribute to dementia. Some factors such as age cannot be changed. Others can be approached to reduce your risk.


Dementia can impair many body systems and thus impair their functionality. Dementia can cause:


There is no surefire way to prevent dementia, but there are steps you can take to help. More research is needed, but it may be beneficial to do the following:

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