Dependence, nicotine(Nicotine dependence) treatment hyderabad


Nicotine addiction occurs when you need nicotine and can’t stop using it. Nicotine is the chemical in tobacco that makes it difficult to quit smoking. Nicotine creates pleasant effects in your brain, but these effects are temporary. So you have another cigarette.


In some people, consuming any amount of tobacco can quickly lead to nicotine addiction. Signs that you may become addicted include:

The reasons

Dopamine, one of these neurotransmitters, is released in the brain’s reward center, causing feelings of pleasure and an improved mood.

The more nicotine you smoke, the more nicotine you need to feel good. Nicotine quickly becomes part of your daily routine and is closely related to your habits and feelings.Dependence, nicotine(Nicotine dependence) treatment hyderabad

Common situations that trigger the urge to smoke include:

Risk factors

Anyone who smokes or uses other types of tobacco is addicted. Factors influencing who uses tobacco include:


Tobacco smoke contains over 60 known cancer-causing chemicals and thousands of other harmful substances. Even “all natural” or herbal cigarettes contain harmful chemicals.Dependence, nicotine(Nicotine dependence) treatment hyderabad

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