Depersonalization disorder treatment hyderabad


Dissociative disorders are mental disorders in which there is a separation and lack of continuity between thoughts, memories, surroundings, actions, and identity. People with dissociative disorders inadvertently and unhealthily escape reality and cause dysfunction on a daily basis.Depersonalization disorder treatment hyderabad


The signs and symptoms will vary depending on the type of dissociative disorder you have, but they can include:
Depersonalization disorder treatment hyderabad

The reasons

Dissociative disorders usually develop to deal with trauma. The disorders most commonly manifest in children who have been exposed to long-term physical, sexual, or emotional abuse or, less often, in a frightening or highly unpredictable home environment. The stress of war or natural disasters can also lead to dissociative disorders.

Risk factors

People who experience long-term physical, sexual, or emotional abuse during their childhood are at greatest risk of developing dissociative disorders.Depersonalization disorder treatment hyderabad


People with dissociative disorders are at increased risk of complications and related disorders, such as:Depersonalization disorder treatment hyderabad


Children who are physically, emotionally, or sexually abused are at increased risk of developing mental disorders such as dissociative disorders. If stress or other personal issues are affecting the way you treat your child, seek help.Depersonalization disorder treatment hyderabad

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