Everything You Need to Know About Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

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Rhinoplasty Nose Reshaping Surgery Hyderabad

As the nose has the highest aesthetic value in the making of a good face, nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) is the most sought after aesthetic procedure by the common man. Rhinoplasty is made up of two words, RHINO meaning NOSE and PLASTY meaning SHAPING.

This procedure was performed for the first time by Sushruta (father of Indian plastic surgery) in 800 BC. Rhinoplasty improves the harmony of the face and the proportions of the nose. It can also correct breathing difficulties caused by structural defects of the nose. Rhinoplasty surgery uses the reduction, enhancement or refinement of the patient’s nose to give a balanced and proportionate nose. Reduction rhinoplasty usually involves removing a nasal bump with re-breaking the nose to reduce the width.

The tip of the nose can be asymmetrical, depressed or the nose itself may need to develop. Increase that can be achieved using tissue from another part of the patient’s body, such as skin or cartilage, located in the ear or rib. Alternatively, a synthetic material can be used (gortex, silastic) but the risk of rejection or infection is greater.

When It Is Done?

Rhinoplasty is most often performed for aesthetic reasons. A nose that is too big, twisted, misshapen, malformed at birth, or deformed as a result of an injury or operation of a cancer may seem more pleasant. If breathing is impaired because of the shape of the nose or injury, it can often be improved with rhinoplasty. The majority of people who undergo a nose remodeling operation are not satisfied with the appearance of their nose and wish to improve the proportions of their features.

A lower percentage of rhinoplasty candidates are patients who experience discomfort or difficulty breathing due to structural abnormalities or anterior injuries to the nose. Optimal candidates for rhinoplasty are generally healthy, understand the risks associated with surgery and have realistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery.

Indications of Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty will come for several reasons

Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Hyderabad

Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery cost Hyderabad


Congenital anomalies such as deformity of the nose of the secondary cleft lip

Traumatic disorder of the normal structure of the nose, so that the nose is asymmetrical.

For purely aesthetic reasons, for. As correction of the hump, correction of the length or reduction of the height of the nose, etc.

Correction of structural and functional deformities (distracted nasal septum with distorted or distorted back or damaged valves)

Tip of the nose; falling, rotating, box-shaped, bulbous or bifid.

The nostrils are excessively dilated or pinched

How It Is Done?

Nose surgery is done by two methods

  • Advantage of open rhinoplasty is good visibility of all the defects but at the same time it is more difficult and requires training and expertise.
  • Closed rhinoplasty is comparatively easier but field of vision is restricted and so all the deformities cannot be corrected by this. It has got limitation of vision as well as surgical outcome.

Primary Rhinoplasty:

Surgery to remodel the nose in a patient who has never had a nasal surgery. Nasal breathing or a combination of both.

Secondary Rhinoplasty:

Correction of the nose that was previously operated on by another surgeon. This requires exceptional analytical and surgical skills. Only surgeons with extensive training and experience in rhinoplasty can restore respiratory function and improve the undesirable results of previous nasal surgery.

Revision Rhinoplasty:

Further changes/augmentation or reduction by same surgeon in a previously operated nose.

Who Can Opt For Rhinoplasty?

(Rhinoplasty candidates)

Any adult (>18 years of age) with perceived aesthetic issues or birth defect can opt for it. As the nasal Cartilage develops until the age of 18 years. It is advisable to postpone a nose correction operation until this time. In extreme cases with severe breathing problems, this can be done at 16 years of age. Whatever the reason for the operation, we recommend that girls wait until they are 14 or 15 years old, and the boys wait a few more years before being bitten. At this point, the nose should have been fully developed.

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