Depression (major depressive disorder) Treatment in Hyderabad


Depression is a mood disorder that causes persistent feelings of sadness and loss of interest. Also known as major depression or clinical depression, it affects the way you feel, think, and behave, and can lead to a wide variety of emotional and physical problems. You may find it difficult to perform normal daily activities and at times you just feel like life is not worth living.

Depression is more than just a blues episode, it’s not a weakness and you can’t just “get out”. Depression may require long-term treatment. But don’t be discouraged. Most people with depression feel better with medication, psychotherapy, or both.


Although depression can only happen once in your life, people usually have more than one episode. During these episodes, you experience symptoms almost every day, which can include:

The reasons

It is not known exactly what causes depression. As with many mental disorders, several factors can be involved, such as:

Risk factors

Depression often begins in your teenage, twenties, or thirties, but it can appear at any age. More women than men are diagnosed with depression. However, this may be due in part to the fact that women seek treatment more often.

Factors that appear to increase your risk of developing or causing depression include:


There is no surefire way to prevent depression.

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