Dislocated elbow treatment in hyderabad



Signs and symptoms of a dislocated elbow include:

The reasons

In adults, the most common causes of elbow dislocation are:

Yes. Falling on an outstretched hand can cause misalignment of the humerus in the elbow joint.
Motor vehicle accidents. The same type of impact can occur when passengers report to a motor vehicle accident to prepare for a collision.
In children or adolescents, falling on an outstretched hand is also a common cause of elbow dislocation.

Risk factors

Age. Young children’s elbows are much more flexible than adults’. It is therefore easier for the young elbow to fall apart.
Inheritance. Some people are born with the elbow ligaments loose than most people.
Athletic participation. Many elbow displacements are sport-related. Sports that require arm strain, such as B. Floor exercises are particularly risky for elbow dislocations.


Complications of a dislocated elbow can include:

Fracture. The force displacing the elbow can also cause a break in one of the bones in the elbow.
Pinched nerves. In rare cases, the nerves that run through the elbow can become pinched or pinched between dislocated bones or in the joint when the bones are realigned. Pinched nerves can cause arm and hand numbness.
Trapped arteries. In rare cases, the blood vessels supplying the arm and hand can become pinched or pinched between dislocated bones or in the realigned joint. Insufficient blood supply can lead to severe pain and permanent tissue damage to the arm and hand. Dislocated elbow treatment in Nizamabad


Avoid lifting or swinging young children by the arms.

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