Dislocation Treatment in Hyderabad


A dislocation is an injury to a joint – a place where two or more bones meet – where the ends of your bones are forced out of their normal position. This painful injury deforms and temporarily immobilizes your joint.

Dislocation is the most common of the shoulders and fingers. Other places are the elbows, knees, and hips. If you suspect a dislocation, see a doctor quickly to get your bones back into position.

With proper treatment, most dislocations return to normal function after several weeks of rest and rehabilitation. In some joints, such as However, there may be an increased risk of recurrent dislocations, such as your shoulder. Dislocation Treatment in Khammam


A dislocated joint can be:

The reasons

Dislocations can occur in contact sports such as soccer and hockey, as well as in sports where falls are common such as walking. B. skiing, gymnastics and volleyball. Basketball and soccer players often displace their fingers and wrists if they accidentally hit the ball, the floor, or another player.

A severe blow to a joint in a motor vehicle accident and landing on an outstretched arm in a fall are other common causes.

Risk factors

Risk factors for joint dislocation include:


To prevent dislocation:

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