Dislocation treatment in Hyderabad



A dislocated joint can be:

The reasons

Dislocations can occur in contact sports such as soccer and hockey, as well as in sports where falls are common such as walking. B. skiing, gymnastics and volleyball. Basketball and soccer players often displace their fingers and wrists if they accidentally hit the ball, the floor, or another player. Dislocation treatment in Nizamabad

A severe blow to a joint in a motor vehicle accident and landing on an outstretched arm in a fall are other common causes.

Risk factors

Risk factors for joint dislocation include:

Sensitivity to falls. A fall increases the likelihood of joint dislocation if you use your arms to prepare for an impact or if you land forcefully on a part of the body such as your hip or shoulder.
Inheritance. Some people are born with loose ligaments, which are more prone to injury than others.
Athletic participation. Many dislocations occur in strong or contact sports such as gymnastics, wrestling, basketball, and soccer.


Complications of a joint dislocation can include:

Tearing of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that strengthen the injured joint
Nerve or vascular damage in or around your joint
Tenderness towards re-injuries if you have a severe dislocation or repeated dislocations
Arthritis in the affected joint develops with age Dislocation treatment in Nizamabad


To prevent dislocation:

Take precautions to avoid falling. Have your eyes checked regularly. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if any of the medicines you are taking may make you dizzy. Make sure your home is well lit and that you remove any potential trip hazards from areas where you walk.
Play safe. Wear the recommended protective equipment when doing contact sports.
Avoid repetitions. Once you slip a joint, you may be more prone to future dislocations. To prevent recurrence, do strength and stability exercises as recommended by your doctor or physical therapist to improve joint support.

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