Double uterus treatment in Hyderabad



A double uterus often causes no symptoms. The condition can be discovered during a regular pelvic exam or during imaging tests to determine the cause of recurrent miscarriages.

Women who have a double vagina with a double uterus may see a doctor first for menstrual bleeding that is not stopped by a tampon. In these situations, the woman put a tampon in one vagina, but blood is still leaking from the second uterus and vagina.

The reasons

Doctors don’t know why some fetuses develop a double uterus and others don’t. A genetic component can be a factor as this rare disease sometimes runs in families.


Many women with a double uterus have normal sex lives, pregnancies, and deliveries. But sometimes a double uterus and other abnormalities in the development of the uterus are associated with:

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