Encopresis Treatment in Hyderabad



Signs and symptoms of encopresis can include:

The reasons

There are several causes of encopresis, including constipation and emotional problems.


Most cases of encopresis are the result of chronic constipation. When constipated, a child’s stool is hard, dry, and can be painful. As a result, the child avoids going to the bathroom, which makes the problem worse.

The longer the stool stays in the colon, the harder it is for the child to push a chair. The colon expands and ultimately affects the nerves that signal when to go to the bathroom. When the colon becomes too full, loose or watery stools may leak around the stool being held back, or loss of stool control may result. Encopresis Treatment in Khammam

Risk factors

Encopresis is more common in boys. These risk factors can increase the likelihood of encopresis:


Here are some strategies that can help prevent encopresis and its complications.

Avoid constipation
Help your child avoid constipation by eating a balanced, high-fiber diet and encouraging them to drink enough water. Encopresis Treatment in Khammam

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