Many patients are curious about exercise after surgery and ask for it before or after surgery. In most cases,(Nose reshaping cost in hyderabad) doctors advise their patients do not exercise for one month after the operation. If they do not follow the doctor’s instructions, the risk of nose bleeds or other complications is high. In addition, they are welcome to contact the surgeon every time you change diets, play sports, etc.

Heavy weightlifting increases blood pressure in the face and nose, causing bleeding. In fact, any activity that can increase blood pressure can lead to it brush or bleed. All exercises such as yoga, cycling, weightlifting, aerobics, climbing, etc. should be avoided.(Rhinoplasty)

A general weekly schedule for the exercise is given below:

Week 1: Patients should not perform any intense activity. What they can do is walk easily.

Week 2: Now, patients are allowed to perform limited exercise. Cardiovascular activity is limited and patients should be alert to heart rate.

Week 3: Intense weightlifting is not allowed. Inversions are limited in dogs pointing downwards. Cardiovascular activities may be resumed, but the heart rate must be taken into account. The patients
should avoid running.

Week 4: Yoga inversions are allowed. Cardiovascular activities can be increased to the recommended level. The race is still prohibited.

Week 5: Most yoga postures are not possible and the cardiovascular system has returned to preoperative levels. Running is possible at this stage. Weightlifting is now possible with normal weights.

Week 6: Patients should be aware of swelling during exercise.

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What about sports?

Contact sports are strictly prohibited for at least 6 months. Athletes are requested to wear a mask to avoid accidents and injuries. Boxing, martial arts and all that the sport is not allowed due to possible nasal breaks.

Why should we do without movement after a nose job?

Bleeding is one of the most important risks when patients perform heavy activities. In addition, bleeding and swelling after surgery represent a significant risk. Swelling is, however should go in a week. Light activities are allowed and are useful for allowing the fluid to flow more quickly. However, there are heavy activities just after Surgery can increase swelling.

Exercises make you fit and healthy, but surgeons are more likely to limit strenuous physical activity because of the increase after surgery risks for various complications related to surgery. Nasal remodeling results depend on proper follow-up, and appropriate follow-up is possible with patients.
follow all the instructions of the surgeon.

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