Eye melanoma Treatment in Hyderabad


Most ocular melanomas form in the part of the eye that you cannot see when you look in a mirror. This makes it difficult to identify melanoma of the eye. In addition, eye melanoma does not usually cause any early signs or


Treatment for ocular melanoma is available. Treatment of some small eye melanomas may not affect your eyesight. However, treatment for large ocular melanoma usually results in loss of vision.

The melanoma of the eye must not cause any signs or symptoms. When they do occur, the signs and symptoms of ocular melanoma can include:

The reasons

it is not known what causes ocular melanoma.

Doctors know that ocular melanoma occurs when defects in the DNA of healthy eye cells develop. DNA defects tell cells to grow and multiply out of control, so the mutated cells continue to live when they would normally die. The mutated cells accumulate in the eye and form an ocular melanoma. Eye melanoma Treatment in Nizamabad

Risk factors

Risk factors for primary melanoma of the eye include:

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