Factitious disorder treatment in hyderabad



Symptoms of a factual disorder include mimicking or creating a disease or injury, or exaggerating the symptoms or impairments in order to deceive others. People with this disorder go to great lengths to hide their delusion. Therefore, it can be difficult to realize that your symptoms are actually part of a serious mental disorder. They continue to deceive, even with no apparent benefit or reward, or when presented with objective evidence that does not support their claims. Factitious disorder treatment in Nizamabad

Signs and symptoms of a factual disorder can include:

Clever and compelling medical or psychological problems

The reasons

The cause of the factual disorder is unknown. However, the disorder can be caused by a combination of psychological factors and stressful life experiences.

Risk factors

Several factors can increase your risk of developing a factual disorder, including:



As the cause of the factual disorder is unknown, there is currently no known way to prevent it. Detecting and treating the factual disorder early on can help avoid unnecessary and potentially dangerous tests and treatments. Factitious disorder treatment in Nizamabad

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