Familial Mediterranean fever treatment in Hyderabad



Familiar Mediterranean fever signs and symptoms usually begin in childhood. They occur in episodes called attacks that last one to three days. Arthritis attacks can last weeks or months.

The signs and symptoms of familial Mediterranean fever are:

The reasons

Familial Mediterranean fever is caused by a genetic mutation that is passed on from parents to children. The gene mutation poses problems in regulating inflammation in the body.

In people with familial Mediterranean fever, the mutation occurs in a gene called MEFV. Many different mutations in MEFV are associated with familial Mediterranean fever. Some mutations can cause very serious cases, while others can cause milder signs and symptoms. Familial Mediterranean fever treatment in Khammam

Risk factors

Factors that can increase your risk of familial Mediterranean fever include:

Have a family history of the disease. If you have a family history of Mediterranean fever, your risk of developing the disease is increased.
Be of Mediterranean descent. If your family can trace their history back to the Mediterranean, the risk of contracting the disease can increase. Familial Mediterranean fever can affect people of any ethnic group, but it is more likely in people of North African, Jewish, Arab, Armenian, Turkish, Greek, or Italian descent.


Complications can arise if familial Mediterranean fever is left untreated. Complications can be:

Abnormal protein in the blood. When you have attacks of familial Mediterranean fever, your body may make an abnormal protein (amyloid A). The protein can build up in your body and cause organ damage (amyloidosis).
Kidney damage. Amyloidosis can damage the kidneys and cause nephrotic syndrome. Nephrotic syndrome occurs when the filter systems of your kidneys (glomeruli) are damaged. People with this disease can lose large amounts of protein in their urine. Nephrotic syndrome can cause blood clots in the kidneys (renal vein thrombosis) or kidney failure.
Infertility in women. Inflammation caused by familial Mediterranean fever can also affect female reproductive organs and lead to infertility. Familial Mediterranean fever treatment in Khammam

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