Fibrocystic breasts treatment in hyderabad


Having fibrocystic breasts is not at all uncommon. More than half of women will have fibrocystic breast changes at some point in their life. In fact, health professionals have stopped using the term “fibrocystic breast disease” and are now simply referring to “fibrocystic breasts” or “fibrocystic breast changes,” since fibrocystic breasts are not actually a disease. Breast changes classified as fibrocystic are considered normal.


Signs and symptoms of fibrocystic breasts can include:

The reasons

Fluctuations in hormone levels during your menstrual cycle can cause breast discomfort and areas of lumpy breast tissue that are tender, painful, and swollen. Fibrocystic breast changes tend to be more bothersome before your period, and the pain and bumps go away or decrease once your period starts. Fibrocystic breasts treatment in warangal

Risk factors

Fibrocystic breasts do not increase your risk of breast cancer.

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