Few features on the body are as prominent as the nose, so maybe that’s why rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping cost in hyderabad) procedures continue to gain in popularity. Men and women are realizing that they can address dissatisfaction with their looks with this simple and relatively low-cost procedure. The approach used for each patient will be customized depending on an individual’s request and the practicing surgeon’s recommendations and preferred methods, such as an open versus closed procedure. Here we’ll take a look at five common issues that can be solved with rhinoplasty.

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1) Oversized – People who don’t like the way their face looks often complain of an oversized nose that is out of proportion with their face or just doesn’t look how they want it to. Sometimes they are rounded, appearing to arch up and away from the face when looked at from a side angle. Other times they appear too wide and can make a person look overweight or flat-faced. In the case of a bulbous, rounded nose, the culprit is often oversized cartilage or structural pieces of cartilage that are spaced out too far from each other. A plastic surgeon removes excess tissue and reshapes the structure so that the end result is a more petite or contoured shape.

2) Crooked – This problem often results from a sports injury or childhood accident, though many people inherit it as well. During rhinoplasty, the off-center nasal septum and bones are adjusted to make them straight and to give a more even look.

3) Elongated – A long and pointy nose is usually inherited through genetics. It is typically accompanied by overly large nasal openings that have the appearance of being stretched out. The tip can be cut down to more attractive length and restructured with sutures to create a slightly more evenly curved shape.

4) Bumpy – A nose-bump (Rhinoplasty) can result from injury, much like an oversized one. It can also be the result of genetic heritage. When it’s injury-related, excess scar tissue has accrued on top of the original structure, and when it’s genetic, there is usually an overdevelopment of bone and cartilage. The bump can be scaled down significantly or completely during surgery.

5) Corrective Surgery – Following an injury or accident, corrective surgery can be necessary to help the affected parties regain confidence. Corrective surgery is also used for patients who are unhappy with the results of a first rhinoplasty. They may choose to enlist the services of a new plastic surgeon to achieve the look they desire. The plastic surgeon and patient will discuss what happened during the first procedure and will talk about if the desired results are achievable. A second procedure should be no more difficult to plan than the first.

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