Gingivitis Treatment in Hyderabad


Gum inflammation is a common, mild form of gum disease (periodontal disease) that causes irritation, redness, and swelling (inflammation) of your gums, the part of your gums around the base of your teeth. It is important to take gingivitis seriously and treat it early. Inflammation of the gums can lead to a much more serious gum disease called periodontal disease and tooth loss.

The most common cause of gingivitis is poor oral hygiene. Good oral health habits like brushing at least twice a day, flossing daily, and getting regular dental exams can help prevent and reverse gingivitis. Gingivitis Treatment in Khammam


Inflammation of the gums
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Healthy gums are firm and pale pink and fit snugly against teeth. Signs and symptoms of gingivitis include:

The reasons

The most common cause of gingivitis is poor oral hygiene, which encourages plaque to build up on teeth and causes inflammation of the surrounding gum tissue.

How dental plaque can lead to gingivitis:

Risk factors

Gingivitis is common and anyone can develop it. Factors that can increase your risk for gingivitis include:


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