Granuloma annulare Treatment in Hyderabad

Granuloma annulare Treatment in Hyderabad


Granuloma annulare
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Granuloma annulare (gran-u-LOW-muh an-u-LAR-e) is a skin condition that causes raised reddish or skin-colored bumps (lesions) in the shape of a ring. The bumps are usually on the hands and feet.

Minor skin lesions and certain medications can trigger the disease. Different types affect adults and children. Granuloma annulare Treatment in Hyderabad

The lesions usually go away on their own within two years without treatment. However, if the way your skin looks or feels bothered you, your doctor may prescribe medications that can make the disease go away faster.


The signs and symptoms of granuloma annulare may vary depending on the variety:

  • Localized. It is the most common type of annular granuloma. The edges of the lump (lesion) are circular or semicircular with a diameter of up to 5 cm. The reddish or skin-colored bumps are most common on the hands, feet, wrists, and ankles of young adults.
  • Widespread. Less commonly, adults suffer from this type, which causes itchy, reddish, or skin-colored bumps on most parts of the body, including the trunk, arms, and legs.
  • Under the skin. One type that typically affects young children is called a subcutaneous granuloma annulus. It creates small, firm bumps under the skin instead of a rash. Bumps appear on the hands, shins, and scalp. Granuloma annulare Treatment in Hyderabad

The reasons

It is not known what causes granuloma annulare. Sometimes it is triggered by:

  • Animal or insect bites
  • Infections like hepatitis
  • Tuberculin skin tests
  • Vaccinations
  • Sun exposure
  • Minor skin injuries
  • Medication

Risk factors

Granuloma annulare is sometimes associated with diabetes or thyroid disease, most often when the lesions are numerous or extensive. It can rarely be associated with cancer, especially in the elderly, whose granuloma annulare is severe, does not respond to treatment, or comes back after treatment for cancer. Granuloma annulare Treatment in Hyderabad

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