Growth plate fractures Treatment in Hyderabad


Illustration of a growth plate fracture
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A growth plate fracture affects the growing layer of tissue near the ends of a child’s bones. Growth plates are the softer, weaker sections of the skeleton – sometimes even weaker than the surrounding ligaments and tendons. An injury that can cause a joint sprain in an adult can cause the growth plate to rupture in a child.

Growth plate fractures often require immediate treatment as they can affect bone growth. An improperly treated growth plate fracture can result in the fracture of a bone that is crooked or shorter than its opposite limb. With proper treatment, most growth plate fractures will heal without complications. Growth plate fractures Treatment in Nizamabad


Most growth plate fractures occur in the bones of the fingers, forearm, and lower leg. The signs and symptoms of a growth plate fracture can include:

The reasons

Broken growth plates are often caused by a fall or blow to the limb, as can occur in:

Risk factors

Growth plate fractures are twice as common in boys as they are in girls because girls get taller than boys. By the age of 12, most of the girls’ growth plates have matured and replaced with strong bones. Growth plate fractures Treatment in Nizamabad

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