Head lice Treatment in Hyderabad


Head lice infestation is not a sign of poor personal hygiene or an unclean living environment. Head lice do not carry any infectious bacterial or viral diseases.

Over-the-counter and prescription drugs are available to treat head lice. Carefully follow the treatment instructions to rid your scalp and hair of lice and their eggs.

A number of home or natural remedies are also used to treat head lice, but there is little or no clinical evidence that they are effective.


Common signs and symptoms of a lice infestation can include:

Itching. The most common symptom of a lice infestation is an itchy rash on the scalp, throat, and ears. This is an allergic reaction to lice bites. If a person has a lice infestation for the first time, the itching may not appear four to six weeks after the infestation.
Lice on the scalp. Lice can be visible but are difficult to spot because they are small, avoid light, and move quickly.
Lice eggs (nits) on hair shafts. Nits stick to the hair shafts. Incubation of nits can be difficult to see because they are very small. They are easier to spot around the ears and the hairline of the neck. Empty nits may be easier to spot because they are lighter and farther from the scalp. However, the presence of nits does not necessarily indicate an active infestation.
Wounds on the scalp, neck and shoulders. Scratches can lead to small red bumps that can sometimes become infected with bacteria.

Risk factors

Because head lice are mainly spread through direct contact, the risk of transmission is highest among young people who play or go to school together. In the United States, head lice are most common in children from kindergarten through elementary school.


Preventing head lice from spreading to children in daycare and schools is difficult because there is so much close contact.

The risk of an indirect transfer of personal belongings is low. However, to prevent head lice infestation, you can ask your child:

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