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Rashes – also known as prickly heat and miliaria – aren’t just for babies. It also affects adults, especially in hot, humid weather.

A rash occurs when clogged pores (sweat ducts) trap sweat under your skin. Symptoms range from superficial blisters to deep red bumps. Some forms of rash cause stinging or severe itching.

The rash will usually go away on its own. Severe forms of the disease may require medical attention, but the best way to reduce symptoms is to cool the skin and avoid sweating. Heat rash Treatment in Nizamabad


Adults usually develop rashes in folds of skin and where clothing causes friction. In infants, the rash appears mainly on the neck, shoulders, and chest. It can also appear in the armpits, elbow folds, and in the groin.

Types of rashes
The types of miliaria are classified according to the depth of the clogged sweat ducts. The signs and symptoms for each type vary.

The milder form of the rash (Miliaria Crystalina) affects the sweat ducts in the top layer of the skin. This shape is characterized by clear, fluid-filled bubbles and bumps (papules) that break easily.
One type that occurs deeper in the skin (miliaria rubra) is sometimes called prickly heat. The signs and symptoms include red bumps and itching or stinging in the affected area.

The reasons

A rash develops when some of your sweat ducts become clogged. Instead of evaporating, sweat becomes trapped under the skin, causing inflammation and rashes.

It’s not always clear why the sweat ducts are clogged, but certain factors seem to play a role, including:

Risk factors

Some of the factors that make you more prone to developing rashes include:


To protect yourself or your child from rashes:

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