Hip dysplasia treatment hyderabad


Hip dysplasia is the medical name for a hip socket that does not completely cover the spherical part of the thigh. This can partially or completely shift the hip joint. Most people with hip dysplasia are born with this disease.Hip dysplasia treatment Nizamabad


Signs and symptoms vary by age group. In infants, you may find that one leg is longer than the other. Once a child starts walking, lameness may develop. During the diaper change, one hip may be less flexible than the other.

The reasons

At birth, the hip joint is made of soft cartilage that gradually hardens into bone. The ball and the base must fit together well as they look like shapes for each other. If the ball is not seated firmly in the socket, the socket will not form completely around the ball and will become too flat.


Later in life, hip dysplasia can damage the soft cartilage (labrum) that lines the alveolar portion of the hip joint. This is known as a hip labral tear. Hip dysplasia can also make the joint more likely to develop osteoarthritis. This occurs due to higher contact pressures on a smaller area of ​​the socket. Over time, this wears down the smooth cartilage in the bones, which allows them to slide against each other as the joint moves.Hip dysplasia treatment Nizamabad

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